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Random Feature Metro

Welcome To MetroPower - a site dedicated to the Metro enthusiast. Metropower covers all models from the 1.0 to 1.8, Rover 100's and European models such as the 114 GTi 16v.  We have a variety of examples from factory standard to highly modified examples in the galleries. We hope you find the site useful and informative. Don't forget to visit the forums.

.: What Is MetroPower? :.

MetroPower is a site dedicated to the metro enthusiast, from the A series to the K series Metro whether modified or factory standard. We are a web based group of enthusiasts for these cars.

The login form on this page is only used for administration - don't worry, your not missing out on anything if you can't find the registration page! Instead sign up to the forums here!

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Website updates: - 03/03/2012

Added Geoff's Rover 100R to 1.8 allery
Added Gerry's MG 1300 to gallery
Added Scott's Metro City gallery
Added CJ's Rover 118 GTa to gallery
Added Martin's 114 GTi 16v to gallery
Added Connor's 1.4 GTi to gallery
Added Sam S's 111 Ascot SE to gallery
Added Joss's 1.0 Clubman to gallery

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